Anti-Aging – Which Part Of You Is Broken?

By the time we get to the point of our lives where anti-aging is of interest, most of us have some part of us that is broken.

For some it’s there knees or hips or chronic back pain.

But one thing the majority of people would like to fix is their head. Or more specifically their thoughts and feelings.

Because aging is very much a mental issue, having our brains fixed should be of interest to most.

Anti-aging is sold in a jar at the beauty counter, we can get knee and hip replacements, and painkillers are sold over the counter.

But as far as I can tell from my 35 years in the wellness industry, there is little to change our mental and emotional view of life.

Sure anti-depressants and ADD medications are doled out like candy, but the solid research supporting their beneficial use is very thin.

So where does this leave us if we want to live a long health and happy life. I very much rate happiness as a n anti-aging requirement, because if we are chronically unhappy or grumpy or sad, then that is just stressful.

And stress hormones cause inflammation, which causes pain, which makes us more miserable and we feel just plain old.

It can be helpful to receive counseling or emotional support, and you can be taught how to self regulate your mind, but it is 100% up to you to apply what you learn.

In order to apply what you learn you need to see the value, and you need to believe there will be a tangible benefit to you.

So how would you go about changing how your mind works?

Firstly you need to supply your mind with the right physical needs.

  1. Water, cheap and necessary.
  2. Quality fats for the cell membranes of your brain.
  3. Adequate protein to provide amino acids which are the building blocks for your cells.
  4. A full complement of vitamins and minerals from a good diet and supplements.

Secondly removing things to assist your physical needs.

  1. Sugar, grains and processed foods to control the fuel to your brain.
  2. Processed vegetable oils to ensure your inflammation is low and your cells are pliable and healthy.
  3. As many environmental toxins from your home office and car. Replace all commercial personal and cleaning products with natural alternatives.

Thirdly control what you can control personally.

Apart from those listed above, there is one thing, which we do automatically, but we can control our breathing.

Consciously slowing and controlling your breath will change how you feel, this happens for everyone, if they take a few minutes two or three times a day to do it.

Lastly conscious techniques.

There are many options such as various forms of meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong plus more active methods like the Sedona method, Emotional Freedom Technique or EMDR.

The Vibrant health Way offers a comprehensive approach to anti-aging if you choose to adopt the principals.

Source by Ian Newton

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