Bellamora Skin Care, A New MLM Company

Bellamora International Group is a MLM business model ready to launch into the market place. Is it a little fish in an already big pond of skin care products? This network marketing company has a lot of competition with both other home based businesses and retail stores when it comes to skin care. There are many big fish with excellent skin care lines what makes this company stand out? Let’s take a few moments to look a little deeper into Bellamora and why it could be the next great skin care line. Let me state right now that I am in no way associated with the Bellamora company and I am just writing a third party review on the company and building a Bellamora business of your own.

Founder and CEO of Bellamora is Bruce Miller a Chiropractor and retired chemist with the Johnson and Johnson company. Bruce has brought on board with him a group of leaders with past success in both the network marketing industry and the traditional business world all with a tremendous amount of experience. Always look at the team of leaders when checking out a home based business opportunity and this group seems to be very solid.

The vision of the Bellamora Group is to be the company that creates the most healthy, wealthy, and happy people in the world. That is a tall order but a very achievable one if the company is structured correctly. Everyone wants to look younger and feel better about themselves and here is a company that is ready to help others do just that by way of products and an income opportunity.

The product line really started about 20 years ago when Dr. Miller patented a burn cream. The skin care line will include power packs of several products that work together or a person can try singles or just the samples that are available. Try the cleanser, toner, moisterizer, cellular repair cream, and exfoliate by themselves or in a prepackaged combination. The skin care packs range from $199. to $499. which could exclude many people who just can’t or won’t spend that kind of money on skin care products for their auto ship. One unique option is called “refer 3 and yours is FREE” where a distributor can sign up 3 people who purchase a monthly automatic delivery program or ADP and then the distributor will receive their product for FREE. The next question is do you know 3 people who spend the amount of money every month to become your monthly customers? If you already do know those people that is great but there are many that do not so where do they come from? Will you believe me when I tell you there are people looking for these products and this opportunity and you can connect with them without cold calling or a door to door approach? Start to make new connections today to build your brand and your sphere of opportunity before this company even launches.

You will be ready when Bellamora International Group launches to receive the different streams of income right away. The retail income is always so helpful and promising for the new distributor to gain confidence and money right from the beginning then add in the preferred customer program, fast start bonuses and the rest of the bonuses involved as you grow your own Bellamora business. This skin care company has a total of 10 income and bonuses to take advantage of for the person who knows how to market and makes the right connections. Marketing and the right connections is not something that happens automatically it takes time and persistence to do this. The Bellamora Group is not a get rich quick scheme it will take hard work and dedication but the rewards will be worth it as they are with any MLM business. You are compensated for what you do personally and as a group. Teamwork is what it is all about in the network marketing industry and building a team of individuals who can learn the correct skill is the key.

With Bellamora International Group or any home based business you need to take the time to learn the skills, get the tools, and meet the people who are looking for your product and your opportunity. Learn the what the skills are and how to apply them from the top earners of the network marketing industry today. Just click the link below to find the right connections to build your business like you know you can.

Source by Lori Giffey

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