Flex Protex – Arthritis Pain Relief?

If you have Osteoarthritis, by now you’ve probably taken your fair share of over the counter meds – Advil, Aleeve, Ibuprofen… There is a limit to it all however – how often can you keep popping pills, and how many exactly can you pop before you eventually tear a hole in the lining of your stomach?

You might want to try another approach instead – the nutritional health supplement approach. One of the best nutritional supplements available today for arthritis pain relief is Flex Protex, which is safe, all natural, and side effect free.

Flex Protex is a health supplement based on a variety of all natural herbs and compounds present in nature to help relieve inflammation and rebuild damaged joint cartilage.

One of the key ingredients present in flexprotex is glucosamine, an amino sugar found naturally in the exoskeletons of shellfish, or obtained by the fermentation of foods such as corn or wheat. This monosachride is popularly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis as it is one of the main components of joint cartilage and is thought to help rebuild joint cartilage and thus aiding in the treatment of arthritis inflicted damage.

Also present in flexprotex are Cox 2 inhibitors. Cox 2 inhibitors inhibit the chemical reactions caused by Cox 2, an enzyme responsible for initiating inflammation – or in the case of arthritis, inflammation of the joints which in turn leads to pain upon the performance of physical activities. The Cox 2 inhibitors present in flexprotex actually function as an alternative form of NSAIDs (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs – such as Advil), accredited with supplying the same anti inflammatory pain reducing action, but without all the negative side effects.

Flex Protex is packed with over 120 different antioxidants, responsible for counter acting the damage caused to your body by the presence of free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for attacking your body, causing damage to various parts including your muscles, tendons and ligaments, which in turn leads to inflammation and the searing pains that you experience. So by drastically increasing your daily intake of antioxidants with Flex Protex , you can thereby prevent the occurrence of inflammation and help prevent arthritis pains.

In addition to the abundance of the all natural inflammatory fighting agents glucosamine, cox 2 inhibitors and antioxidants, Flex Protex also contains the naturally found herbs Boswelia and Ashwagandh. Boswelia and Ashwagandh are two of the herbs brought down in the ancient medical texts of Ayurvedic medicine for the all natural treatment of arthritis. These two powerful herbs have proven abilities to relieve the pain of inflammation caused by arthritis as we know from centuries of practice of Ayurvedic medicine’s ancient healing methods.

Why wait for the next time you experience shooting pains or are diagnosed with a stomach ulcer (thanks to an overdose of NSAID’s)? Give the nutritional supplement approach a try.

Source by Jessica Cander

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