Follower Shadow Review – Do These Strategies in Betting on Horse Racing Work?

Do the strategies in betting on horse racing introduced in the Follower Shadow really work? Most people think that in order to make money regularly from horse racing betting, it is important to have to win as many bets as possible and avoid all bets with lower than average winning probability. However, Neville White who created the Follower Shadow system proves that finding value bets is much more important than thinking about how to make money from every bet that you can find.

Does the Follower Shadow System Really Work to Make Money over the Long Term?

As I have discovered, this system is all about relying on statistics and mathematics to create an advantage specifically in the UK horse race markets. In essence, the money management strategies can be applied to any other horse racing markets, but the British horse racing markets were chosen specifically due to its relatively larger market size and the fact that hundreds of thousands of pounds are being wagered every day on this market. There are also significant more events, i.e. races, as compared to other sports such as soccer or tennis betting.

Who is the Owner of this Follower Shadow System and Can You Really Trust Him?

As mentioned previously, his name is Neville and he has a very long background as a professional horse racing punter. Today, he provides me with his daily selections through email, which is just one of the types of membership options provided. Another option that I was introduced was the automated software program. I did not take up this option because I figured that it would still take a couple of minutes to enter the input to make this software work, and I decided to just go for the convenience of receiving daily emailed picks.

How Does the Follower Shadow System Work to Find Profitable Selections?

Since I was using the daily email selections, there was really no need to find out about how it works as long as I knew that it works. However, it is still recommended to find out how it works to gain confidence in the system, regardless of which one you use.

This particular strategy involves analyzing daily race cards and live data while providing the option for me to choose whether to be manual or automated with the software tool. I can also use the strategy to profit from many types of horse racing codes whether in All Weather, Flat or National Hunt races.

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