How To Accelerate Your Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Before going through knee replacement surgery, many of us will have questions about a number of issues involved during the surgery and more importantly after the surgery and when the physical rehabilitation takes place.

The physical rehabilitation after surgery will be the most crucial part and will play a vital role in how quickly you recover. Of course there are other pre-surgical factors to take into account like your over all health and level of fitness as well.

Many of the patients I have seen over the years will get confused due to the amount of information from well-intentioned family and friends on what to do to help in their recovery. I have seen many patients heal and make a full recovery as expected and a few who have not due to poor advice or not following through with instructions provided by the medical professionals.

I have listed three tips on how anybody can accelerate their total knee replacement recovery if followed and practiced daily.

1. Keep Hydrated With Water: Keeping yourself hydrated with fresh water will help in the recovery process. Water is one of the main components of life, it carries the blood cells that are needed for healing. By taking in water we keep our blood flowing properly and oxygen levels high enough to heal the surgical site.

Making you are well hydrated with water also helps in the prevention of blood clots. Staying hydrated also helps in flushing out toxins that have accumulated during the surgical process with the addition of anesthesia and other pain medications. The sooner you can get these toxins and other residues out of your body the better you will feel.

2. Keep Your Physical Therapy Routine to a Minimum: This one will catch a few of you by surprise. After all, everyone that has taken the time to give you their opinion of the procedure has told you how important your physical rehabilitation is right?

Well in a sense they are however, many of my former patients also felt that they had to be in non-stop physical therapy causing themselves increased pain and swelling which in turn slowed down their recovery.

When it comes to knee replacement surgery, more is not better, If you can go through your physical therapy routine two times daily correctly, that will be sufficient to reap the benefits and help reduce chronic pain and edema therefore accelerating your recovery.

3. Use Your Pain Medication As Prescribed And Other Modalities: One of the biggest problems I would run into after starting with a patient in home health is the fact many are concerned to get off the pain medication as soon as possible. That’s understandable, but not at the cost of staying in chronic pain which will slow down your bodies ability to initiate the healing process.

Your body is working overtime after surgery to begin the healing process, there will be pain involved and to stop taking your pain medication altogether will hinder your physical rehabilitation efforts along with your ability to rest comfortably.

Take the pain medication as prescribed. Also you will be instructed by your rehabilitation professionals how and when to use both heat and ice to help with pain control. Make an effort to use both at the proper times. Ask your rehabilitation professional when is the proper time to use these modalities during your recovery.

Using the pain modalities along with the pain medication prescribed in a timely fashion will help you considerably during the healing process.

If you can follow these three simple tips during your recovery period, you will be doing everything you can in speeding up your recovery process. These are basic principles that are generally stressed before and after surgery yet few will follow them as instructed.

No one will promise you your recovery will be easy, it will take work and planning but if done correctly, you can speed up the recovery process and get back to enjoying your new pain free mobility.

Source by Richard A Haynes

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