Losing Weight Without Damaging Your Thyroid And Metabolism Through Exercising


When it comes to losing weight, there is a school of thought that believes that being healthy should come first in order to succeed with a planned out weight loss regimen. The other school of thought believes that you must act out on the weight loss routines in order to get healthy.

The question is – which is the horse and which is the cart? Where are folks in this context – putting the cart before the horse! As professionals and one with many years in the field of fitness training and weight loss programs, it is best advised to be healthy before ever engaging in weight loss exercises so that the person involved can maximize the best use of training and see results faster.

A person who is unhealthy and has health challenges may be doing himself or herself more harm beyond the genuine focus of wanting to look better through weight loss exercises. If you are not too fit and then set impracticable expectations, you are more likely to regain any weight lost as soon as you lose it, but if you make realistic lifestyle changes with regards to healthy living, the lost pounds will stay away. Going for weight loss exercises while not mentally or physically fit will rather result to more health complications and even weight gain.


A lot of folks could be eating clean, exercising frequently, yet still GAINING weight. This could mean that about 99% of these folks are exercising and unknowingly damaging their thyroid and metabolism as they set themselves up for long term weight gain.

The thyroid gland helps to discharge hormones that impacts almost all part of the body, hence when there is anything wrong with it, the focus of losing or gaining weight can be terribly challenging. When an individual has a minimal thyroid production as a result of health challenges, every part of the person’s cell system and functions’ will tend to slow down i.e. the person will have a slow metabolism. And then having a slow metabolism is not really a great place to be for those who need to exercise or diet to lose weight.

The case with hypothyroidism as a reference to health issue should leave you to understand better why it is essential to feel internally, mentally and physically healthy before starting out on weight loss routines so as to lose weight efficiently and not to gain weight as many folks experience. Such folks in this context put the cart before the horse and while they apply all efforts yet gain weight, they quickly conclude the WEIGHT LOSS program is scam!

So it is wise to get a diagnosis through your doctor to get your thyroid levels checked! The solution to effective WEIGHT LOSS is NOT more dieting and exercising, but getting your health right in place and then with few reasonable exercises – comes positive results.

So do you agree that you must be healthy to lose weight than losing weight to be healthy? Some people believe that you must lose weight first. Yet there are others who strongly support getting healthy enough first then work on losing weight. Which do you think is BETTER?

Source by Jessie Wright

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