My Betting Bias for Horse Racing Lays

My betting bias, definitely when it comes to the important question – can you make real money betting on horses? – is always to choose a lay betting system.

Lay Betting Explained

Lay betting horses is an activity carried out on the betting exchanges. In effect you are wagering a horse to lose and if it does then you make some profit.

In a sense you are acting like a bookmaker for a race. But the main advantage is that, say for example in a race with 10 runners, when you lay a particular horse to lose you then have the remaining 9 runners all working in your favour!

Laying horses for profit is now a major, horse racing strategy. And it does not take very long to learn how to do it on a betting exchange.

But the key to success is obviously choosing the winning lay selection.

Lay Betting System

As you know, there are many horse racing lay systems.

But betting on horses to lose is certainly not as easy as it sounds. Expertise, knowledge and skill are necessary to assess all the runners in a race and their abilities.

Naturally, there are laying tipsters who offer horse laying services but many of these tipsters are often just either enthusiastic amateurs with a poor results record or seasoned professionals who ask for high fees before you can have access to their selections.

I realise that we all wish to use a winning horse racing system but like the proverbial hens’ teeth such systems are usually difficult to find. And many people also search endlessly for a profitable lays system.

Recently, I decided to find the most profitable horse laying system. And I believe that I have now found it.

A horse laying strategy, in my opinion, must always have a low risk so that when a selection fails – this will happen sometimes – your betting bank is not cleared out by one drastic mistake. So the average odds for laying a selection must be low.

I also wanted a simple horse racing system that doesn’t require me to spend any additional money to access information that I must have to make selections. Such information, if any, should be freely available.

And I also needed a laying horses system that takes me very little time to set in motion. Let’s say at the most 20 minutes a day.

Finally and most importantly, it’s the winning results that matter.

So I looked for a horse laying system that is consistently profitable. And before I decide to give the system a try I wanted to see past and current results. Does that sound fair?

In my experience, many horse laying systems are often reluctant to provide their latest results and tend to fudge the issue. It is vitally important that all horse racing lay systems should provide access to their results so that the system can be carefully examined.

So betting on losing horses can be extremely profitable if the strategy is sound.

Laying the favourite horse racing is one such important strategy and this means that odds are low which always minimises loss if that happens. And that really should be the foundation of horse racing lays.

How to make money in horse racing?

This is a question asked by many. Very few find the answer.

All I can say is view the results of this profitable lay betting system.

Read the FAQ and see how profitable but simple, this system really is and then try it for yourself. If you wish you can always ‘paper trade’ it just to see how it performs.

Source by Frank Lomax

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