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As cities expand and rural areas begin to open up to development, more and more rough terrain utility pole installations are being seen across the U.S. When work is contracted out to companies who specialize in this type of job, the companies should be able to provide a power pole setter than can get the work done with smaller crews and more controlled precision. The machinery used should also be able to work through any kind of weather, including strong winds and ice. Poleset is a company who qualifies across the board, offering to get rough terrain jobs done in no time by utilizing our Xtreme Polesetter II hard-tracked trucks.

The Polesetter II has been engineered to work even in the harshest of inclement weathers and rough land terrain. The truck was tested by independent parties using computer generated analysis to ensure that it would live up to the claims made of its abilities. This impressive power pole setter is able to dig a hole to the appropriate depth with ease, effortlessly lift and place the nearly half-ton pole, and attach requisite wires seamlessly. Other pole setters may vary in size, making different machines right for different jobs, but before every job begins, engineering and design plans are thoroughly researched and implemented.

Before excavation of land begins for the power pole setter to drop in the towers, crews will be thinking about everything involved in the job, including the new installations, retrofitting or upgrading existing systems, consolidation, or realignments. Designers will do their best to ensure that work done in a neighborhood will block street and sidewalk access as little as possible and also do their best to ensure that the end result doesn’t add up to a cluttered street view. Pre-planning allows for maximizing space for drops, reducing clutter, cutting, and trenching, and creating a job environment that is safer for the amount of planning to ensure that it will be so.

With the amazing modern machinery used today, it’s no wonder that power pole setters have cut down both crew size and job time from years gone by. These trucks are able to be transported easily to and from job sites without ruining lawns and landscapes in the process, can hoist one to two workers 60 feet into the air to reach important work spaces with little fear of injury, and can be remotely operated to ensure safety in cases where extra precaution is required. Durable, weather touch, and quick, it make sense to have these trucks, especially trucks like the Xtreme Polesetter II, with you on any pole set job.

Source by Jerry Seaman

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