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There are many origins that could have brought about your joint pain. Consider taking in count your weight, diet, age, and exercise schedule when trying to figure out where your aches are derived from.

Both males and females stand risk of experiencing this type of long term pain, but anyone can cope with it. Supplements like Zyflamend are designed to help those suffering from joint pain, no matter what the cause.

Working to promote healthy cell growth and joints, New Chapter has created the supplement called Zyflamend. New Chapter has a number of different health products like vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, and mushrooms.

Unlike other popular joint treatments, Zyflamend chooses to add more than just two or three key ingredients. The formula is made up of 10 key components.

Rosemary is the first ingredient used and helps with a number of different health issues like viruses, the flu, cuts, digestion, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and arthritic related pain. The oil from a Rosemary plant is popular in massages to help ease muscle and arthritis pains. Taking a bath with Rosemary will help not only with menstrual cramps, but for soothing joint discomforts.

Oregano is actually useful for many different treatments. It can help with digestion as it treats an upset stomach and excess gas or flatulence. Oregano also helps with breathing! Those who suffer from asthma or are going through a cold can benefit from Oregano. In this particular case, it is used for pain. Although it is used to treat menstrual cramps, it is great for joint and tooth pains!

Hu Zhang, also known as Polygonum cuspidatum, is often used as medicine. It is said to help with fast cell growth and painful or swollen bones.

Green Tea is used in the prevention of arthritis. It was even reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that Green Tea is effective in reducing the effects of and prevents arthritis.

Holy Basil is a very potent natural pain reliever.

Turmeric can act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It helps with most forms of arthritis.

Baikal Skullcap, Barberry, Ginger, and Chinese Goldthread are also used in the Zyflamend formula.

It is recommended to take two softgels a day and with a full glass of water and meal (preferably).

Zyflamend takes advantage of Eastern Medicine to help reduce the discomforts that come with arthritis or osteoarthritis. For concerns if this is the best match for you, consult your physician.

Source by Paul A Buchanan

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