Sarapin – A Natural Solution for Acute and Chronic Pain Without Dangerous Side Effects

Sarapin is an aqueous solution extracted from a pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea), which has been used successfully as a biological medicine as early as 1930s. This solution is primarily used as a treatment for muscular, neuralgic, and joint pain. It provides effective relief from pain, swelling and inflammation. The effectiveness of this pitcher plant extract has known to come from its ability to initiate the body’s own natural healing. And because it is a natural solution, it does not cause serious side effects, making it an excellent alternative to cortisone.

Sarapin is used for treating muscular and nerve pain, as well as joint pain. This natural alternative can help in providing pain relief to some conditions including sciatic pain, hip pain, low back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain, pain between the ribs, neck pain, and pain down the arms. It also works for other conditions that can be treated with cortisone.

Sarapin stops the pain signals in the nerves of the spine without affecting other nerve functions or motor functions. In an earlier study, it was noted to have an effect on sensory nerves, relieving nerve pain without change in skin sensation, and having no effect upon the motor nerves. In toxicity tests, it has found to be harmless and there were no signs of tissue coagulation or sclerosis.

Is Sarapin safe to use? Absolutely, it is! Many have not yet heard of this alternative medicine due to its lack of profitability and marketing. However, it is recognized by the FDA and AMA and it requires prescription for treatments that require injections. Most of all, it has no known side effects.

Using Sarapin has more advantages over other conventional drugs. It is often compared to cortisone because there are several ailments that these two medicines can be used of as a treatment. Both of them are recognized by FDA and AMA and both require prescriptions. Cortisone, however, can only be used when other methods and less toxic medicines do not work, because it has side effects that can be dangerous to the one who is taking it.

Sarapin is safer to use than cortisone because it is a natural product. It works effectively without causing serious side effects unlike cortisone does. As a natural substance, it is non-toxic and does not accumulate in any body part such as the liver. Your body excretes it without the liver processing it. It also has no damaging effect on tissues, making it possible to administer several times within a short period to obtain maximum pain relief.

There is no need to suffer from the dangerous side effects of cortisone knowing that there is an alternative solution for it. Fortunately there are doctors who are aware of Sarapin and have been successfully using it in treating chronic pain.

Source by Ross Carter

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