Saving on Surgery?

The premise sounds totally plausible, travel to obtain your medical makeover add on a mini- vacation & return home with change, figuratively and literally.

The procedures usually under consideration either aren’t covered under your existing insurance plan, or your insurance plan gatekeeper does not feel the procedure in question is warranted at this time. This can be referred to a diagnostic dilemma, the gatekeeper isn’t there in the morning to view your facial expressions as you attempt to traverse your bedroom to access the bathroom and go to work. Your choices at that point are: take out a second mortgage on your home, deplete your retirement funds, live with the pain, or seek treatment outside the country.

Early on in the medical tourism evolution, the only patients that would consider the later option were what were referred to as early adopters, people who from a demographic perspective hesitated only briefly to step out of their comfort zone and seek alternative options.They had been out of the country for business or pleasure, had a passport, were familiar with different cultures and hesitated only briefly. Currently the cost benefit ratio as they say has tipped to a point were people who don’t have a passport and have never left their shores are stepping out of their comfort zones for treatment because of the tremendous cost savings. The only remaining barrier at that point is establishing treatment parity with in-country physicians with the offshore joint replacement alternatives.

Are the hospitals Certified, do the physicians possess Board Certification, speak English, adhere to best practices and protocols within the specialty, are they members of American and National Medical Societies, maintain CME (continuing medical education), performed the procedure in question hundreds of times, etc., etc.

It is currently possible to achieve a positive medical outcome in a thoroughly vetted hospital, with a qualified physician for substantial savings.

Joint Replacement


USA: $55,000.00*………………………….CENTRAL AMERICA: $11,700.00*


USA:$60,000.00*…………………………..S. AMERICA: $8,500.00*

The savings after additions for airfare, hotels, meals, vacation time and accommodations, & tours are substantial!

*average costs, actual may vary depending on country,hospital etc.

A recent study conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, has reported a 30% reduction last year from 2007 levels of cosmetic procedures. Many physicians attribute the deduction to patients concern for the recovery times patients cannot afford and see a increase in less invasive procedures.

If costs are of primary concern, the offshore alternatives may present a viable option. However the joy of a substantial cost savings are fleeting, the results of a less than optimum outcome however last a long time. All the more reason to thoroughly vet physicians and hospitals under consideration.

Source by Tom Wichowski

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