The Pain Relief Benefits Of Green Lipped Mussels For Arthritis

The important factor that makes green lipped mussel arthritis supplements a natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs is the mussel’s unique composition of nutrients and the fact they contain protein building compounds that naturally occur in our body.

As it turns out, the mussels contain the two essential building blocks of cartilage, the soft and protective lining between the joints.

The health benefits of green lipped mussels are not at all new. The Maoris – the indigenous people of New Zealand lived on a rich diet of raw mussels for hundreds of years.

The Maoris way of life was a harsh one – living out in all kinds of weather, however they rarely experienced joint pain or the symptoms of arthritis that has become so prevalent in the west. The Maoris’ attributed their good health to eating these green lipped mussels.

Of course this raised the profile of this natural wholefood which resulted in many clinical studies that have revealed these mussels contain nutrients that could help slow down and in certain cases stop the progression of cartilage damage, resulting in the development of green lipped mussel treatments for arthritis.

It’s also well known that omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, which these particular mussels are a rich source.

This means supplements made from mussel extract not only contain the nutrients to rebuild damaged cartilage, but they also contain specific nutrients that boost the body’s immunity to counteract inflammation causing enzymes that cause swelling and stabbing pain in the joints.

As it seems, this is an effective and natural alternative to the myriad of chemically based anti-inflammatory drugs that have a notorious reputation for nasty side effects.

In addition, those people who do not have a problem with joint pain can still benefit from the composite of compounds that this superfood provides.

The majority of the health benefits fall into the following three categories:

1. Mucopolysaccharides (MPS)

2. Omega 3 fatty acids

3. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals (vitamin12,iron,calcium,protein,sodium)

MPS are long chain carbohydrate amino sugars that are manufactured naturally by the body. They play a number of essential roles in the body that includes the development of bones, cartilage and synovial fluid, which is essential for joint lubrication.

In addition, MPS are also responsible for the bio-exchange of oxygen and electrolytes between cells and helping to regulate the immune system

Unfortunately, our body’s ability to produce MPS declines as we age, which means boosting our levels as we get older with a supplement containing MPS in its natural form is definitely worth considering, especially if you’re starting to feel joint pain or have a history of arthritis in the family.

In order to take advantage of these additional benefits, its important however, to select the right supplement. The fact is, not all are created equal, and many that are currently on the market focus specifically on relieving joint pain, but exclude the other benefits.

The major problem with green lipped mussel arthritis supplements is the way they’re manufactured. Many companies cook and freeze the mussels which lower the nutrient quality of the product. This process also takes time, which further diminishes the freshness and quality of the product.

Source by Sean O’Loughlin

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