The Skin Care Tips for Mothers-To-Be

Most people think that pregnancy is the ugliest period for women. They believe that the skin status of the pregnant will be the worst and the body shape will be the worst too. And the pregnant will take it a natural thing too. So some of them spend less time in skin care during the pregnancy desperately. Lady, you don’t have to be that! Actually, if you pay enough attention to the skin care, your skin can even be more beautiful like some superstars during their pregnancy. They are not always born to have such nice skin, but just always spend time caring for it, including when they are pregnant.

Mild skin cleansing. The skin resistance of women will be weakened when they are pregnant. So their skin will be more sensitive and might lead to allergies easily. Powerful and fierce cleaning products will make their skin more sensitive. So choosing mild and safe cleaning products is the first thing you should do during pregnancy.

Focus on moisture. Under the influence of progesterone, pregnant women will find their skin become dry more quickly. So mothers-to-be should pay more attention to timely moisture replenishment. In addition to using some moist products, you can also use the humidifier, which can effectively moist the air.

Eat anti-freckle food. About 1/3 of pregnant women will have freckles during pregnancy. But they can have some anti-freckle food that has abundant vitamins to improve this situation. Kiwi fruit, tomatoes and strawberries that are rich in vitamin C and dairy products that are rich in vitamin B6 are very effective to stop the freckles.

Sunscreen for external use. The skin of mothers-to-be will be relatively fragile and easy to deposit pigment. Excessive ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the skin darkening. However, the sun is very important for the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. So during the pregnancy, applying sunscreen is an essential step. A safe sunscreen can let the mothers-to-be enjoy the sunshine and protect their skin.

Body massage. It is probably the most worrying thing for mothers-to-be: big belly makes their skin loose. Their skin in the waist, buttocks, abdomen and legs all have different degrees of stretch marks during pregnancy. From the sixth month of pregnancy, the pregnant can use massage oil or cream to massage the skin of the parts that produce stretch marks easily, like the easily swollen legs. Massage can not only make you relaxed and comfortable, but also can effectively prevent the stretch marks. Keep doing this can help them regain the abdominal muscles!

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